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Dress For Success

Dress For Success

This week, HOTM features some amazing women whose lives have been transformed through the Dress For Success initiative by Leila Fowler.
Omilola Oshikoya chats some more with Leila Fowler on her journey to empowering women by changing their wardrobes and giving them an amazing make-over experience.


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  • Osaretin
    August 3, 2015, 2:28 am REPLY

    This Fowler woman needs some major PR, starting from herself, her aura and general disposition. She still is very stuck up and tha’ts the truth. She needs to pipe low a bit. It may be who she is but its ruining her business on all fronts. Have heard of this project but didnt realize how ‘impactful’ and how easily one could participate and give out clothes. I just associated the project with her personality (which is rubbish)

    I’ve got so many clothes to give out. literally spilling out of my closet and its a NOBLE THING SHE IS DOING, but a lot of people sill do not realize how worthy this cause is. I will be giving out clothes this week for this cause.

    Kudos to you madam. I am noi one to mince words especially on serious issues such as this, so you will have to bear my harsh but honest words

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